Why do some of our patients drive over an hour to visit Moffitt Dental? We offer outstanding dental care in Eagle Grove, Iowa, and are the only provider of AvaDent® digital dentures in the state. We provide a wide range of treatments, and our dentists and team will provide you with compassionate, personalized care to bring out the best in your smile. In the reviews below, you can read what our patients have said about their visits with Dr. Jordan Moffitt, Dr. Michael Moffitt and Dr. Lex Cashmore. Please call our office at 515-448-4852 for your free consultation or second opinion.

“In my opinion, Dr. Moffitt is an exceptional prosthodontist, both by reputation and by personal observation. My son and I have both been recipients of his extraordinary care. (My son’s dental work was completed twenty years ago, but he informs me that it has been the subject of rave reviews by other dentists all over the country with his subsequent career moves.) It was my son who suggested that I get in touch with Dr. Moffitt to explore the possibility of retaining him to analyze my situation and develop a corrective treatment plan. So, after a phone conversation and discussion with Dr. Moffitt, which included a review of the X-rays by my local dentist, I drove 400 miles to Eagle Grove, for my initial session with “Moffitt Dentistry.” All of the work was substantially completed in eight hours, with only two fillings left to be done on subsequent visits, concurrent with the installment of a permanent crown and permanent bridge following fabrication by the laboratory. The restorative bridge and crown represent extraordinary work, exceeding my rather lofty expectations, and completed in a minimum of time, at a significant savings in both time and money. I’m sure that I, too, will join the ranks of those many other MOFFITT clients whose dentist ask, “This bridge and crown are amazing!—who did this work?”

— J.P., Wheaton, Illinois