At Moffitt Dental, we treat our patients, and our local community, like family. We passionately believe everyone deserves access to dental care and stay actively involved in our community to deliver needed services to the underserved dental patients in Eagle Grove, Iowa.

Our Eagle Grove Community Service
For some of the families in the Eagle Grove school district, access to dental care is impeded by the language barrier, cost or disability. This makes it difficult for some families to get the dental care that they need, and, unfortunately, it is the children who often suffer.

Two Eagle Grove dentists, Dr. Jordan Moffitt and Dr. Mysty Shaver, along with other volunteers responded to this need by offering their services to help some of the underserved in our Eagle Grove schools.

Dr. Moffitt and Dr. Shaver, who each own and operate separate dental practices in Eagle Grove, collaborated and invited students to come for x-rays, cleanings and examinations in their offices.

Henry Schein Dental donated materials and toothbrushes to be used and given to the children. Both Dr. Moffitt and Dr. Shaver acknowledge their sincere appreciation for all who donated time or materials to make the event possible.

“It really was a team effort. These kids need help, and I’m glad that we could use our skills to help them,” said Dr. Moffitt.

Eagle Grove has a history of people helping our community members in need. This event speaks to the strong community bonds that we have and our willingness to help others. As Dr. Moffitt says, “I get more out of it than what I put in. It’s just heartwarming to see those little kids smile. That makes it all worthwhile.”

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Community Service Outside Eagle Grove
Dr. Jordan Moffitt is proud to be a part of and support the following organizations:

GoServ Global
“GoServ Global shares God’s love by responding to disaster, empowering sustainable community development, and creating world change through hands-on involvement.”

Iowa Mission Of Mercy
The 12th Annual Iowa Mission Of Mercy is Sept. 20-21, 2019!

“The Iowa Mission of Mercy is a large scale, two-day community dental clinic where dental professionals and general volunteers donate their time to provide free oral health care to individuals who face barriers to receiving dental care.

Since the first Iowa MOM in 2008, over 14,000 patients from all over Iowa and beyond have received free dental care totaling nearly $9.4 million!”The Iowa Mission of Mercy

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