At Moffitt Dental, we provide AvaDent® digital dentures in Eagle Grove. In fact, we are the only dental practice in Iowa to offer this ground-breaking restoration option that takes dentures to the next level. To discover the difference AvaDent dentures can make in your smile, call 515-448-4852 for your appointment with our prosthodontist, Dr. Michael Moffitt.

If you wear complete dentures, you may struggle with the way they fit and have problems when you eat and speak. While you should brush and soak your dentures every night, conventional dentures can retain bacteria that can contribute to bad breath or halitosis, and they can even cause problems with your dentures’ color.

AvaDent digital dentures can change the way you eat, speak and smile and the way you feel about yourself. Using CAD/CAM technology, we will take detailed 3D images of your smile to create dentures that will fit your smile perfectly. A better fit means greater comfort and less chances of your dentures slipping during the day. You will also need to visit our office less-frequently for adjustments and re-fittings. Regular dentures are often made of a porous material that can easily trap bacteria. This can not only lead to the dreaded “denture breath” but can lead to sore spots in your mouth. By contrast, AvaDent dentures are made of a special bio-hygienic material to eliminate these problems.

The process involves only two visits to our office, and if your dentures should break, your digital record can be used to create your new restorations.

If you are getting your first set of dentures or are interested in finding out if this option would be a good replacement for your current ones, call our office for a free consultation with our prosthodontist.