At Moffitt Dental, we take pride in treating our patients and community like family. Our passion for providing access to dental care is evident in our active involvement in serving the underserved dental patients of Eagle Grove, Iowa. We understand the importance of oral health and strive to make a positive impact by delivering much-needed services to those who need them most. By working closely with our local community, we have created a supportive network that helps improve the overall well-being of everyone we encounter.

Our Eagle Grove Community Service

For some of the families in the Eagle Grove school district, access to dental care is impeded by the language barrier, cost, or disability. This unfortunate reality makes it difficult for these families to obtain the essential dental care they need, resulting in children being particularly affected by this lack of access.

However, two compassionate and proactive Eagle Grove dentists, Dr. Jordan Moffitt and Dr. Mysty Shaver recognized this pressing issue and decided to take action. Despite owning and operating separate dental practices in Eagle Grove, both dentists came together with other volunteers to offer their services to help those underserved within our community.

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Dr. Moffitt and Dr. Shaver went above and beyond by inviting students from Eagle Grove schools for X-rays, cleanings, and examinations at their respective offices. Their collaboration not only showcased their dedication to improving oral health within the community but also demonstrated a strong sense of unity toward addressing a common cause. In addition to their time and expertise, Henry Schein Dental generously donated materials such as toothbrushes that were used during these sessions and given out to each child.

The selfless actions taken by Dr. Moffitt and Dr. Shaver shed light on the importance of giving back to those in need within our own community while inspiring others around them through their compassion-driven efforts. Their acknowledgment of appreciation towards all who contributed either through donations or volunteer work reflects not only gratitude but also serves as a reminder that positive change can be achieved when individuals come together for the greater good.

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Community Service Outside Eagle Grove

Dr. Jordan Moffitt takes great pride in being involved with and endorsing the various groups that share his values and mission.

GoServ Global

"GoServ Global shares God's love by responding to disaster, empowering sustainable community development, and creating world change through hands-on involvement."

Iowa Mission Of Mercy

The 15th Annual Iowa Mission Of Mercy is Oct. 4-5, 2024!

"The Iowa Mission of Mercy is a large-scale community dental clinic that brings together dedicated dental professionals and volunteers to provide free oral health care to those in need. This two-day community dental clinic has been held since 2008, serving over 14,000 patients from across Iowa and beyond. The total value of the free dental care provided at this event amounts to nearly $9.4 million, showcasing the immense impact and generosity of all those involved. It truly embodies the spirit of giving back and making a difference in the lives of individuals who face barriers to receiving essential dental treatment."

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